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113th EAAE

A resilient European food industry and food chain in a challenging world


  • The features and the structure of EU’s food chain
  • Development and introduction of new technologies (GMOs, energy saving)
  • Communication and traceability in the food chain
  • The shift in market power from A-brands of multinationals towards the supermarkets with their private labels
  • Competition between supermarkets and rapidly expanding consumption formats like out-of-home / food service and home-delivery
  • The increased use of contracts and risk management instruments in the food chain
  • Competition and concentration issues
  • Logistics
  • Shifts in consumer demand and interest in local products, food miles, carbon miles (interaction among “cheap food”, “quality food”, “safe food” and “abundant food” and the challenge to provide a healthy diet)
  • The problem of administrative burden in the sector, related to competitive position
  • Economic issues concerning food law, labelling, food safety standards, animal by products, novel products
  • Financial analytical tools aiming at improving decision and policy makers decisions
  • Transformation of collective business schemes and strategies.